The Premium Account has a lot of advantages:
  1. The hiring phase can be manipulated centrally in the dispatch center in contrast to controlling it at every station individually.
  2. The hiring phase of buildings can be automated, until the authorized strength is reached.
  3. EMS units stand down automatically when they are no longer needed (dispatch center -> settings).
  4. Mission speed can be set to "Turbo" setting.
  5. The dark interface design theme can be enabled permanently.
  6. A 31-day history of driven kilometres is available.
  7. The earnings of the last 7 days can be viewed.
  8. You have little numbers in the dispatch menus back/forward navigation buttons, to see how many missions are in your list.
  9. 2.5x Credits instead of 2x credits during double Credits events
  10. 5 Coins on the 7th consecutive day of logging in instead of just one
  11. Special premium tasks
  12. Maximum limit of staging areas: 8 (instead of 4)
  13. VIP award showing the time of premium membership