Mission List
In the mission list all pending missions are shown. The green button band below the word "Mission" is used to filter certain missions. Green means it is enabled, so you can see the missions, if the buttons are red, you can not see the associated missions. The descriptions of the buttons are (from left to right):
  1. Emergencies (everything)
  2. Ambulance missions
  3. Alliance missions (Missions that have been shared or been spawned by alliance members)
  4. Event missions
  5. Planned missions
Immediately below the green band is a search bar to search for specific missions.
Below that the mission list entries start. 
Every mission entry has the following parts:
  1. Dispatch button to get to the dispatch screen (see the FAQ-entry for dispatch screen for more information) for that mission
  2. Mission name 
  3. Mission address
  4. Mission icon
  5. Mission progress bar