Station Menu
In the station menu you can view its level, the stationed vehicles, the stations expansions and employees and can manage all of it.
With the navigation buttons at the top directly under the building icon you can navigate to other buildings and to the dispatch centre this building is assigned to.
Under the name are three more points with the corresponding navigation buttons:
  1. Level: Shows the level of this building, click on expand to level up this station, every level grants one additional parking position for vehicles
  2. Vehicles: Shows the maximum number of parking positions and the number of currently stationed vehicles, click on "Vehicle Market" to buy new vehicles
  3. Personnel: Shows the number of employees currently stationed at this station, click on "Show" to view a detailed list of the stations staff, click on "Hire new people" to go to the recruitment screen
The vehicle list shows the graphical representation of the vehicle, next to its name, status, current mission and maximum amount of crew.
The expansion tab will show all available and already built expansions of this station, there you can expand the station with special expansions other than just expanding the parking space of the station.