The Fire Station houses all of your fire units. The Max Level is 39, which totals 40 Vehicle Bays. You are able to build an Ambulance, Airport, or Swiftwater extension which will allow you to place that specific unit type in your fire station as well. When you build your 25th Fire Station, the cost goes up to 300,000 credits and will increase with every Fire Station Purchase after that.

Cost - 100,000 Credits or 30 Coins

Cost per Level Expansion - 100,000 credits or 20 Coins

Max Level Expansion - 39 (Will hold 40 vehicles)

Extensions - Ambulance, Airport, Water Rescue

Extension Cost - 100,000 credits and 7 Days to build

Vehicles - Type 1 fire engine, Type 2 fire engine, Rescue engine, Quint, Platform truck, Battalion chief unit, Heavy rescue vehicle, Mobile air, Water tanker, Utility unit, HazMat, MCV.