Small Police Stations are the same as normal police stations, except they can only expand to hold 6 vehicles. Also you can only buy one extension for each Small Police Station. You have the option of upgrading the Small Station into a normal station. This takes 24 hours and the cost of the original station's price. Small Police Stations start out as 50,000 credits, as soon as 25 Police stations are built, the price becomes 150,000 credits. After that the price continues to rise by small amounts.
Cost - $50,000 Credits or 25 Coins
Max Expansion - 5 (holds 6 vehicles)
Extensions - see "Police Station"
Vehicles - Patrol car, SWAT Armored Vehicle, K-9 unit, Police Motorcycle, SWAT SUV
Can be upgraded to a Police Station  for 50,000 credits. (When upgrading, you do not lose any bays, it allows you to continue expanding bays and adding extensions)