What are specialized stations?

Specialized stations are stations that serve a specific purpose.

What is the benefits of specialized stations?

Specialized stations give you more control on what kind of mission you receive. They only generate calls that require a specific extension.  If you have specialized stations that you receive more of these calls and you can control where you get them. This feature also allows you to make your station set more realistic

How do you build a specialized station?

Specializations are available for several existing extensions. To create a specialized station you first need to have the fitting extension. Go to the „Specialization“ tab and select the specialzaiton you want for that station.
Station screen for specialized stations

Each station can have one specialization.

You can use and buy all available vehicles in  specialized stations.

Which specialized stations are available?


  • Water Rescue
  • Fire Support
  • Game Warden
  • Forestry
  • Airport
  • Water Police

  • Mass Casualty
  • Foam
  • Riot Police


  • Forestry
  • Riot Police