Quick start tips

Follow these small tips to improve your club in an effective and fast way:
  1. Check out the transfer market and buy some more reasonable and good players to improve your team strength
  2. Keep in mind to change the training every 3 days to have the best outcome
  3. Set up individual trainings for your players if you have enough GT Stars
  4. Make sure that you always have signed sponsorships for an constant money flow 
  5. Upgrade the stadium for more income ,the youth center for better talents via scouting and the training ground for better training results
  6. Find and invite friends for friendly matches and more money 


This is central overview about your Club. All necessary information are listed here:

Foundation and Origin

When your club was created and what Origin you had chosen within the registration process. The language of the app depends on the language setup of your device.


The rank shows your current managerial knowledge. Your rank is important, among other things, in deciding how attractive club sponsorship deals will be. You can reach the following ranks in the course of your career:
Your rank increases by various activities and events, such as daily log-in, transfer market activity, negotiating sponsorship deals, expanding the stadium and purchasing GT stars…

Market Value

Your market value is the sum of your capital and the total value of your team.

Team mood

Morale has an effect upon the combined strength of your team. It is relative to the result of the last match as well as the intensity of training. A team who feel happy or divine will play better than a team whose mood is angry or tense.


The amount of fans increases or decreases from game to game. If you win, chances are higher that you will gain additional fans. If you lose it goes the other way around. Moreover, your ranking in the league plays a role. The more fans you have the more spectators you can expect for your team's home matches. 

Season and Matchday

The current day of the season.