You will find a list of your players here. When you select a player, you will see a dossier on the right-hand side of the screen. The dossier contains all the player data including additional skills, player options and training results.

A player's talent determines his efficiency in training and helps to develop the player faster.

The Players Age. The range goes from 16 to 34 years. If a player reaches an age of 34, he will leave your team at the end of the season, his contract can´t get extended. Players get older 1 year per season.

The amount of money you have to spend for your player daily.

Market value
A player's market value is calculated in light of all of his data. Talented young players will therefore tend to have a higher market value than comparable older and less talented players.

The place in your lineup, where this player is suited for best.
The goalkeeper requires good goal-keeping skills.
Central defenders require good defensive, heading, tackling and marking values. Full-backs don't need to be aerial powerhouses, but they should be able to deliver accurate crosses. Midfielder
Central midfielders are characterised by a good understanding of the game, ball control, reliable passing and strong tackling values. Left and right-sided midfielders are characterised less by tackles won and more by delicate crosses, which is how they help their team succeed.
Centre-forwards should always exhibit strong shooting, speed and good ball control. Wingers are less effective as outstanding headers, but are more useful in sending pin-point crosses in behind the defenders.

The higher the strength of the player, the higher the team strength will be in a match. Squads with a higher team strength than their opponent will win more matches. 

The Quality will be defined after comparing the Talent level, the age and the strength of the player. The better the different values, the higher the quality

Contract until
The date, the contract will be expired. You can extend the contract afterwards, until the player reaches an age of 34 or higher.

This option enables you to dismiss a player from your squad. After a player is fired, he may no longer be placed back into the squad. Dismissal of a player is only permitted from time to time.

When a player is injured, the option 'Heal' will appear. You can heal your player using Medi-packs. Each Medi-pack reduces the duration of the injury by one day.