The GT ladder is an independent league within the Goal Tactics Association, which has no bearing on your regular game. Participants in the GT ladder do not generate income, nor suffer injuries or pick up cards that would affect their upcoming league matches. Your objective is to be right at the top of the league come the end of the GT ladder. If you finish a ladder in one of the top league positions, you will receive a prize. You can withdraw from a ladder at any time. You should note, however, that you will lose your entire points total and will not be able to rejoin a league for another 15 minutes.

The process
A GT ladder lasts for one week; the start and end dates are given below the ladder selection. Each player can play five games within the GT ladder. First finalise your lineup, then join a ladder. This will be used as your standard lineup for ladder games. However, you can change the lineup at any time between matches. As soon as you have entered a ladder, you will be placed in the overall rankings. From there you can challenge any club by tapping on the rankings list. Ladder games are instantly played in time-lapse and last for 90 seconds.

The ranking system
The GT ladder is based on an ELO ranking system, as is used in other sports. Upon entering a ladder, your team will automatically be allotted a certain number of points, which will be the current average of all the other teams in the ladder. If you challenge a team, you will see the number of points you can expect from a win or a defeat. These points are calculated with the aid of the ELO formula using the points of both clubs. You can only gain or lose points when you are the challenger.