Player Contracts

Players are now equipped with contracts that last for a given amount of time and fix the player wages during this period.

Contracts last always for one season and need to be extended before the current season ends. Otherwise the player will leave the club without generating a transfer fee.

The wage rate is always linked to the actual market value of the player at the moment of the signing.

Managers will receive an in-game notification about outrunning contracts.

Every player receives from the coming season (#29) on an initial contract. This means during the first season no contract needs to be extended. This will be the case form the over next season (#30) on.


End of career:

Every player ends his career at the age of 34. Player that will end their career after this season are highlighted in red and marked with an exclamation mark.

During the coming season (#29) you can sell your career-ending players for their current market value immediately. This will change in the over next season (#30) to a value of 1% of the market value for every player that is part of the manager’s squad.


Transfer market:

Do you have problems selling a specific player on the transfer market? You may now sell them immediately for 1% of their market value.

You may now also define the initial sales price for players that are placed on the transfer market yourself. Maximum price for the initial bid is still the current market value of the player.




Player quality:

Players are as of now rated into different qualities according to their current strength. Players qualities can be improved immediately for GT-Stars. Players can only be improved once at a certain age and may only be improved again, once they have reached a higher age.


Age 16 – 19: Max. one quality level

Age 20 – 21: Max. two quality level

Age 22 – 23: Max. three quality level

Age 24 – 25: Max. four quality level

      25: No limit