The new 6.0.0 Update does not only bring the long wished City to the worlds of Lords & Knights, but also comes with a brand-new redesign for all Android-users, which further simplifies the user interface and improves the gaming experience.

We know that everything will be unfamiliar at the beginning since many of you have played the old version for several years. But nevertheless, we believe that the new design will simplify many actions and sustainably improve the game.

To give you a an overview of the new design, we created a short video for you:

Why did we create a new design (or a new version)?

The version had to be rebuilt from scratch since bigger projects, such as the City, were not possible anymore in the old version while providing a good performance.

Which advantages does the new version bring?

The new Version is superior to his forerunner in terms of performance. Data can be processed much faster which gives you a way better gaming experience. Additionally, the new version gives you the following advantages:

  • Easier management of messages
  • Better overview and structure