The new Android version offers you the same functionality as the previous version. But you will see at the first glance that several functions are not in the same place as before. So here we give you an overview of the new handling in the redesign:

Floating Action Button 
The "Floating Action Button" (FAB) is one of the big innovations in the redesign. All important actions will now be started with this function, such as starting attacks.

The special thing about FAB is that it is not always displayed. When scrolling down a view, the button will disappear so no important functions are overlapped. But if you scroll up a little, the button will reappear and the function can be executed.


Additionally the FAB can contain several functions at once, like in the castle view on the map.


Number input
Another innovation which improves the game design significantly is the possibility to enter numbers directly when using sliders. This enables you to save time and get rid of sliding back and forth.