We received many questions about the synchronization so we would like to explain this in this separate area. First of all: Of course you can synchronize your troop movements just like before, even if it seems unfamiliar at the first glance.

Created troop movements will not be displayed anymore one by one in the castle view on the map. So to view a single attack for example, you have to click on the respective view beforehand (Troop movements --> Attack). This is one click more than in the past, but it saves a lot of performance.

As soon as you are in the overview, you will see all troop movements separately. Now you also have the possibility to synchronize your transits. Is the synchronize-button not displayed here, it means that the selected habitat is too far away from the target or it does not have troops that are fast enough (just as before).

So if you now tap the synchronize-button, you will get the normal unit selection (Attack sync button --> Unit selection). Now choose your units and synchronize the troop movement with the selected one (Attack sync start button). All synchronized transits will now be displayed in the view as well.