The navigation also has changed in the new version. The 5 former categories (castle, map, messages, alliance, profile) have now been separated into 3 major categories: castle/map, messages, alliance. This may seem confusing at the beginning, but it simplifies the navigation significantly after a short while.

1. Map/Castle

The player now chooses in the standard view between castle and map, so both views are located in the same category.

2. Messages

Another innovation is the message view. In the new design you will see a list of all communications, alliance intern as well as external. So you get a quick overview of all kinds of messages and you can orient yourselves easier.

3. Alliance

The alliance can be opened with the 3rd category. Here you will find a new structure within the actions of the alliance which also improved the overview.

(4.) Profile

The profile is not a separate category anymore, but can be accessed via the standard view. You just have to open the castle/map-view with the respective button in the upper left corner.