Here you find a list of special functions of the browser version:

Troop overview
The new browser version offers a complete overview of all troop movements. So you can directly see, where your troops are currently located, which missions they are performing or which castles are currently being attacked. The troop overview is located below the 3 major views.

The troops are sorted here by different categories:
  1. Stationed units per own habitat
  2. Non-resident defending units
  3. Troop movements
  4. Missions
  5. Own attacks
  6. Enemy attacks
In some of the views it is additionally possible to sort the habitats by destination or target habitat and to display more or less information. 

Building overview
Just like the troop overview, the building overview offers a summary of all buildings of each castles/fortress. You can directly see the level of a certain building across all habitats and you can also start or speed up building upgrades from here. The building overview is located below the troop overview.

Recruitment overview
The recruitment overview shows your troops in each habitat. Additionally it makes the recruitment a lot easier since you don't have to select each castle/fortress one by one. The recruitment overview is located below the building overview.

Important actions can be executed by using hotkeys more easily. You will find more detailed information in the respective article.