The brand-new Android version of Lords & Knights including a completely new design will soon be released.

Important: Only this version will be supported with future updates and features. "The City" will ONLY work with the new redesigned version. Stay tuned for more details regarding "The City". More announcements are coming soon!

Additionally the new version offers a way better performance with up to 30% faster data processing compared to the old one.

The new version will replace the current version in the Play Store after release. We understand that many of you are using the current designed version for multiple years, so we would like to offer you some alternatives to play the current version a little bit longer, to make the transition for you as smooth as possible.

A) Lords & Knights X-Mas Edition:
This version will not get the redesign. This means that you will not be able to use The City in this app, but you can use this version to have a familiar design until you got used to the new version.

To play this version, just download it from here:

B) Lords & Knights Amazon:
The Amazon version of Lords & Knights will get the Redesign later than the Google Play version, so you can also use this version to have a familiar design.

To play this version, do the following:

1. Install the Amazon Underground app by following the instructions here:
2. Start the Amazon Underground app and search for Lords & Knights
3. Download Lords & Knights Amazon and play

C) Lords & Knights Browser:
The browser version of Lords & Knights also is a possibility to play the game if you need more time to get used to the new Android version.

You can play the browser version here: