The battle worlds are clearly focused on epic battles and are therefore particularly interesting for those among you looking for a challenge with going straight into the action.

To make this possible, your starting castle on these worlds will begin with

  • Level 6 resource stocks with a capacity of 575 units per resource
  • A level 4 farm
  • 500 units of wood, stone and ore
  • 45 units in total as well as 5 oxcarts for farming.

Additionally the following conditions apply:

  • The population limit per castle is of 9,999 units (with a fully developed farm).
  • Free castles develop themselves up to 80 points on their own.
  • At least 250 units will be necessary to make a battle go for more than one round.
  • There is no more night mode!
  • Alliances are limited to 50 members. Only the best team players will prevail!
  • Beginner protection ends after 5 days and you only have 21 days of vacation protection at your disposal per year.
  • No pushcarts