The guest account feature provides you with the possibility to create a temporary account for your friends and co-players. With that account, they have access to your account and can take care of your business in important situations.

You can find all settings for the guest account in your profile -> guest account.


The guest account is only valid for one world. If you are playing on multiple worlds and would like to provide access to all of them, you have to create multiple guest accounts.

Account lifetime

Each guest account is time-limited and the exact time can be chosen by you. When the time of the guest account has run out, players with the account details cannot play anymore.

Create a guest account

After setting the lifetime, the guest account can be created by just tapping the „Create guest account“-button. Afterwards the guest account details are shown in the same view. You can now share them by copying and sending to the desired co-player.

Deactivate guest account

If you would like to deactivate a guest account before the lifetime expires, you can do so by tapping the „Deactivate guest account“-button. The guest account will be deactivated instantly.

IMPORTANT! Please take care!

The creator of a guest account is responsible for it!
The guest account is a powerful functionality. Please note that the user of the guest account can use ALL functions of your account. For example he can…
  • Upgrade/conquer habitats
  • Read/write messages
  • Buy/spend Gold Coins
  • Recruit/disband units
  • Activate/deactivate vacation mode or protective shield
  • Send (silver) transits
  • Change diplomatic statuses
  • Change alliance permissions
  • Change names
  • Etc
The only function the guest account cannot use is guest account management. Please use your discretion when sharing guest account details with other players. We do know IF a guest account has been created and used, but we do not know WHO is using it. You are responsible for whom you offer this data.

Example 1: If a guest account user spends your Gold Coins, you are responsible for this and there will be no refunds from our side.

Example 2: If a guest account user insults other players, so your original account does get the penalty. So the creator of the guest account is responsible in this case as well.

Use guest account

To use the gust account you just need to enter the shared guest account details in the email login section of the login data.