The player has the option to launch missions in multiple habitats simultaneously using the “Carry out missions” button in the “Mass functions” tab. 

Clicking on “Select all castles/fortresses/cities” will mark all habitats of the specified type, that have missions available for execution. Once you click on the button again, all the selected habitats will be deselected. 

Habitats can also be selected or deselected individually by setting or removing a check mark next to them.

Tapping on “Execute missions” will start all possible missions in all the selected habitats. This button also shows the amount of missions that will be started.

Which missions will be started?

All missions will be started which…
- are marked in the mission selection (see mission selection)
- are available in the selected habitats
- have sufficient units in the affected habitats.

Info: Better (longer) missions will be prioritized against the smaller (shorter) missions.

Mission selection / Settings

The missions selection can be summoned using the settings wheel. Here you can select or deselect missions that should be taken into account when carrying out mass missions.