The event building is only available from version 7.2.0 onwards.

The event building can be accessed via the profile. Event buildings are only active during a special event. All skills/effects acquired with the building will be removed after the event.

The event building is also a global building. This means that it will affect all the habitats of the player(castles/fortresses/cities).


The following improvements are acquired by upgrading the event building:
  • Up to 30% less resource costs for normal building upgrades
  • Up to 30% higher resource production
  • Up to 50% higher chance to receive a ruby for conquering a habitat, buying a habitat or creating a fortress/city.


The event building can be used and upgraded from 22.10.2021 (11:00 CEST) until 04.11.2021 (11:00 CET). At the end of the event, the event building will be removed from the profile and its effect will be deactivated.