You can let resources be sent from your own habitats to the currently selected habitat by using the “Request” function. You can easily fill your stock without having to send individual transits manually. You can find this function in the market. 2 habitats are required to use the functionality.

Selecting the units

You can choose which units should be considered for the request.

Selecting the amount

The slider can be used to specify the amount of the selected resource that you require in the selected habitat. The maximum amount possible for selection with the slider represents the current free storage space.

Selecting habitats

You can now select all of the habitats from which you want the requested resource to be sent.
The optimal amount of the selected resource to be sent from the selected habitats, will automatically be selected. This value is affected by the available units (depending on the selection) as well as the amount of available resource. Habitats with more resources and units will hence send more resources. The amount that will be sent from the individual habitats will change with the selection of additional habitats.

Info: Only OWN habitats within transport range, with the selected resource and unit types available will be displayed.

Executing the action

Once you have set all the required settings, you can execute the action. Upon execution, all transits will be sent to the currently selected habitat with the displayed amount of selected resource.