This function is currently in a test phase and is therefore only available on UK-9, UL-10 and US-15. Please be patient, we will make the feature available on other worlds soon.

Presentation of Troop Movements (iOS / Android)

With the new version 6.19.1, troop movements are shown on the map (up to a certain limit).


The colors of the troop movement resemble a different transit type:
  • Red = Attack
  • Blue = Support
  • Gelb = Transport
  • Purple = Spy

Directional Arrows

Whether a transit goes out of a habitat or returns to a habitat can be recognized by the direction of the arrow. Basically, always outgoing transits are displayed, if both apply for the same habitat.


Basically, there can be different transit types between two habitats. In this case, only one transit is displayed, using the following priority:
  1. Attack
  2. Support
  3. Transport
  4. Spy

If there are several transits of the same type between two habitats, the transit with the closest arrival time is always displayed.


To ensure that the animations don’t overlap, only one transit is displayed in certain situations.
  • In case many troop movements are right next to each other, only one of them is displayed. The arrows, however, are shown for all transits.
  • Once the troop movement animations are far enough away from each other, they will be displayed again.
  • In case the two habitats involved are right next to each other, there is not enough space to display any of the troop movement or arrows.

Options - iOS

The amount of transits shown can be set in the game settings. If this value is exceeded, no more troop movements will be displayed to save performance. In addition, the feature can be completely disabled.

Options - Android

You have the option to completely disable the feature in the game settings. The limit of the representations is - unlike in iOS - a fixed value. If this value is exceeded, no more troop movements will be displayed to conserve performance.