We offer you a completely new game element in version 7.0.0 of Lords & Knights:

It is finally possible to conquer entire regions in your world together with your alliance! While you could only imagine the power of your alliance through numbers before, the map is now divided in powerful regions, that shine in the diplomatic colours of your alliance. The more regions you capture, the stronger you become! Fight against other alliances and destroy their regions to weaken them and strengthen your own power. Experience a completely new and fresh approach towards gaming, experience the best of Lords & Knights on the next level!

Why did we implemented regions?

Our community's wish to implement some kind of country, region, territory etc. exists since the start of Lords & Knights. Over the years, this has been an important topic on our agenda: How can we implement the gameplay feature of different regions?

After many years and countless concepts we are therefore happy to present our new feature. It was not only our goal to award the map with a visual mask, but also to develop a new approach towards the game, which maintains and improves the characteristics of Lords & Knights. It was important to us, that battles are even more intense between alliances and that each alliance member can contribute to making progress. We also wanted tactical planning and structured approach to still be rewarded.

Which worlds will regions be activated on?

Since the regions are a major innovation and would have been very difficult to implement on old worlds, only completely new worlds will have this feature.

We wish you lots of fun with the new update!