Alliance Tournaments give alliances another possibility to compete against each other, apart from territorial conquest, and to earn valuable rewards.

Each Alliance Tournament consists of one special task, like e.g. “recruiting units” or “conquering castles”. The alliance, that fulfilled the task best (e.g. recruited the most units), wins the tournament. For this, the whole alliance has to work together: Every alliance member contributes to the overall result!

Attention: Only one tournament at once takes place at any given time.


There are two kinds of rewards that you can get from an Alliance Tournament:

1. Alliance Reward (only on worlds withregions)

This reward gets credited to the treasury of the victorious alliance. If the treasury is already full, the reward doesn’t get lost, but overfills thetreasury’s storage capacity instead. The treasurers of the alliance are then incharge to use the reward in the best way.

2. Player Reward (all worlds)

Every single alliance member gets credited a reward as well after the win of atournament. The kind of reward depends on the current tournament and is thesame for all members. If the Player Reward is 500 Gold, every member getsexactly 500 Gold.
The Player Rewards are distributed by the known event system. So every alliancemember gets shown a completed event in the event list after the tournament.

Alliance Members

An alliance member needs to be a part of the alliance at least for two days,before it can help at the tournament or receive a reward. If a player leaves the alliance during a tournament, the alliance will not lose any points,because the player actions until now are linked to the alliance. So in a new alliance the player starts at zero.