The skills of your Lord are special functions that can be activated manually by the player. Skills usually have a duration, as well as a cooldown. Depending on the skill, the habitat the Lord is stationed in, will be affected. Rarely there are skills that are global actions, that affect the player at large and not only the habitat. This mostly happens with global game actions that are not bound to any one habitat (e.g. reduction of alliance coins costs in the alliance shop).


The duration specifies, how long a skill is active. Almost every skill has a duration, some skills have an immediate and unique effect.


The cooldown specifies, how long a skill is not usable after use. Every skill has a cooldown.

List of current skills

This list will be updated with the release of new Lords.
  • Transit time to free habitats
Less time needed to travel to free habitats
  • Instant-resources
Resources that are instantly available via the event-system
  • Wall defense
Buffs the defense increase gained by the defensive buildings for your own units
  • Habitat purchase cooldown reduction
Reduces the cooldown between habitat purchases
  • Increase "Free Finish"-threshold
Buildings can be "Free finished" with more time left
  • Silver exchange rates
Far better silver exchange rates
  • Instant units
A small band of units can be recruited instantly
  • Increased ruby drop
Increases the chance that you receive a ruby when conquering
  • Increased attack (unit type)
Increases the attack of all units of the given type that share a habitat with the Lord.
  • Increased resource production.
Increases the resource production of all production buildings in the habitat the Lord is stationed in.
  • Habitat protection
The habitat cannot be targeted by attack actions. (Espionage is still allowed, in both directions). This skill can only be activated, when:
  1. The habitat is currently not being attacked
  2. The habitat is currently not attacking another habitat