Talents are passive attributes that directly influence the habitat the Lord is stationed in. These are active as soon as the Lord arrives at the habitat and do not have to be acitvated.

List of current talents

This list will be updated with the release of new Lords.
  • Mission duration
Shortens the mission duration
  • Building costs
Reduces the building costs
  • Defense bonus
Increases the defense bonus for ones own units
  • Bigger mission rewards
Heightens the rewards gained from missions
  • Attack (artillery)
Buffs the attack value of your artillery units
  • Resource production
Buffs resource production
  • Reduce attack transit time
The attack transit time is lowered
  • Attack (Units)
Buffs the attack value of ones own units
  • Reduce research time
The research time is reduced
  • Infantry defense
The infantry defense is heightened
  • Banner Duration
Increases the duration of Banners.
  • Storage Capacity
Increases the storage capacity of resoruce buildings.
  • Transport duration (attack)
Speeds up the travel time when attacking.