Sapphires are rare and powerful gems that can be utilised to build fortresses and cities without using other resources. They can be obtained randomly by strengthening your fortifications and economy.

Sapphire Storage

The sapphire storage can be accessed through the profile section. The amount of sapphires that can be stored grows with the level of the building. The resources for upgrading the storage are taken out of the currently active habitat.

How can Sapphires be obtained?

There are different ways to receive sapphires. Completing one of the following actions gives players a drop chance to obtain sapphires:
  • Creating a fortress or city
  • Upgrading an Event Building
  • Upgrading a Keep building (the main building of castle, fortress and city.

What use do Sapphires have?

Sapphires can be used instead of the usual resources in every step of the fortress or city construction. Since sapphires are rare and valuable, the amount that has to be payed to complete the action is much smaller than the amount of resources that would be needed instead of a sapphire.

Attention: Sapphire cells for fortress and city creations will just be displayed, when the player has at least 1 sapphire.