Formations are a new feature, which allows you to save several units or resources as a formation and to use the formation for faster transit actions. Once you define a Formation it will always be available to you until you delete them.

Creating Formations

Three categories of formations can be created.
Attack: Unit combinations sent out when attacking.
Support: Unit combinations sent out for defending other habitats.
Resources: Resources sent out to other habitats.

Formations can be set in the habitat details screen. 3 Formations per category can be set. 
When creating a Formation you need to select a maximum and a minimum per unit-type or resource that you want to send. If you don't have enough units or resources to meet the minimum amount, then the Formation can't be used. If you meet the minimum amount, then units or resources up to the maximum amount will be sent out.

You can give your Formations different names, to quickly recognize what they are intended for and you can also set them to be a standard Formation for its category. Standard Formations are automatically applied to all screens they qualify for without needing to manually apply them.

Sending Formations

In screens which give you the option to send units or send resources, a Formation section will give you the option to send predefined Formations. You can also save your current selection of units or resources as a Formation.
When selecting a Formation, the saved amount of units or resources will be readied for sending out.