The emerald is the third powerful gem and is used to quickly recruit big armies. Emeralds can be found randomly via various actions and by completing events.

Emeralds Storage

The emeralds storage can be accessed through the profile section. The amount of emeralds that can be stored increases with the level of the building. The resources for upgrading the storage are taken out of the currently active habitat.

How can emeralds be obtained?

There are different ways to receive emeralds. Completing one of the following actions gives players a chance to obtain emeralds:

  • Unlocking new units through researches
  • Upgrading the recruitment building in all habitat types
  • Collecting emeralds through events

Using emeralds

Emeralds can be used to recruit large numbers of units quickly. Players will find a new option in the recruitment window which allows them to activate recruitment via emeralds. A single emerald is worth a large amount of units while using no standard resources at all. It is not possible to combine emerald recruiting with normal recruiting at the same time.

What's the worth of one emerald?

The following amount of a unit type can be recruited with one emerald:

  • Spearman - 500
  • Swordsman - 350
  • Berserker - 100
  • Siege tower - 100
  • Archer - 450
  • Crossbowman - 300
  • Nordic Archer - 100
  • Ballista - 100
  • Armoured horseman - 400
  • Lancer horseman - 250
  • Axe rider - 100
  • Trebuchet - 100
  • Handcart - 400
  • Oxcart - 200
  • Cog - 20

Why is the emerald cell non-funcitonal?

There are several cases for an non-functional emerald cell:

  1. Players still need to have the required amount of free subjects to start a recruitment with Emeralds. Otherwise the new option will be greyed out.
  2. If the player does not have any emerald the cell will be greyed out as well.