Event Shop

The Event Shop is a new global event building that is only active for a certain time period. Upgrading the event building improves the rewards for missions and reduces the research costs in all your habitats. The Event Shop can be accessed via the profile.


The new building offers a very special function: you can buy items for event coins in the event shop. These offers can be resources, units, silver, gold or gemstones.

The offers displayed are randomly selected for each player and are updated once a day. It is possible to update the offer list for gold directly, the period for the daily update is not affected by this. You can collect your purchases via the event and task list.

New modifiers

New modifiers are also available in the event shop. For example, the number of offers increases with the upgrade of the building. The costs for these offers are also reduced with the expansion.


Event coins

Event coins are a new resource that can only be used in the Event Shop. The new resource can be found by completing tasks or obtained randomly by performing various game actions. However, the probability with which event coins are distributed through game actions is secret.

The following actions can pay out event coins:

1. Expansion of the event building

2. Conquest of habitats

3. Purchase of habitats

4. Expansion of the farm building (in each habitat type)


Time period

The event shope can only be upgraded and used for a certain time period. When the event ends, this event building is also removed from the profile and the effect of the building disappears. All collected event coins are also lost after the event.