The reservations function enables you to request and reserve your desired habitats on the map. This makes the strategical planning for alliances a lot easier by showing all members which habitat has been reserved by which player. Reservation requests have to be approved by a member with the permission „Diplomacy“.
Attention: The reservations function only is a planning tool which improves the overview. This means that members can still conquer non-reserved habitats or conquer habitats that have been reserved by other players.

How do I reserve a habitat?

To reserve a habitat, you have to select a foreign or free habitat on the map. Then you will see the function „reserve habitat“ (in case you are in an alliance). By clicking the reserve button you officially ask your alliance leaders (members with the permission „diplomacy“) for permission to conquer this habitat. If you own the permission „diplomacy“, you can approve the request by yourself.

Info: Reservations can also be rejected. Also, it is possible that another player has requested the same habitat or even got an approved reservation for it. This is being shown in the reservation overview with different icons and also on the map.

Where do I see all reservations?

All reservations from your alliance and yourself are being shown in the alliance view in the reservations sub-menu. There you can see all reservations and requests of members (only if you have the permission „view reservations“) with different sorting options.

Update 6.9.1

Alliance-rights and reservations

With the release of version 6.9.0, the reservations are now attached to 3 permissions:
  • View reservations
  • Assign reservations
  • Diplomacy

View reservations

The permission „view reservations“ allows you to view the reservations of your alliance members in the reservation overview and on the map. Without this permission you can only see your own reservations and requests. This means that you will also not see if your requested habitats are already requested or reserved by other members.

This permission is meant to protect against spies. In case you are not sure about all members, you can remove the permission from players or don’t even grant the permission from the start.

Assign reservations

The permission „assign reservations“ allows you to assign reservations to other alliance members. An assigned reservation is automatically approved and does not have to be approved manually by a member with the „diplomacy“ permission. This permission is especially useful for the alliance leaders to facilitate the planning of major offensives by top-down assigning targets to the players.
It is only possible to assign habitats to a player if he does has not already have an approved reservation for the respective habitat and if his reservations limit is not reached yet.


This permission still works as an superordinate permission for reservations. With this permission you can approve or reject all requests, edit the settings (number of possible reservations, duration of reservations) and share reservations with other alliances.
Share reservations: The sharing of reservations with other alliances allows for viewing the requests and reservation of the respective alliances in the reservations overview and on the map. This facilitates the inter-alliance planning.