Free castles have no lord, and are a good source of resources for players new to the game. Their defence consists of level 1 fortifications only, so it’s an easy game for attackers!

Attacking player castles
Enemy castles can be attacked by one or several players. If the attacker wins the battle, he acquires the resources of the enemy castle. To capture a castle, he must pay his troops in silver, which can be exchanged for resources in the keep.
The combat system is described in more detail below:

Attacks take place using selected troops. The speed of the chosen troops is determined by the slowest unit. The defender will know he is being attacked from reports and also in the troop overview of the relevant castle. Initially he cannot see the number and formation of the troops.

Arrival of troops
Once the troops have arrived, the attacking troops wait in front of the besieged castle. The defender learns of the arrival of the troops at the castle, who is attacking and with which troops in the troop overview of that castle.

The first battle commences 10 minutes after the first enemy troops have reached a castle. During this time more attackers may arrive at the castle and join in the battle. An attacker may also withdraw his troops again.
Support forces may also arrive to join in the battle to defend the castle during the 10-minute period. The defender could also send for troops he has stationed in other castles, initiate attacks or recruit troops.
Attackers and defenders therefore have a number of tactical manoeuvres available that could decide the outcome of the battle. The player who can keep a cool head in a combat situation and selects the right units and acts strategically has a good chance of gaining victory.
If more than 100 units are taking part in the battle on both sides, they will be deployed in rounds. As not all the soldiers will fall in a round, players can introduce tactics after each round such as retreat, reinforcement or extra deployment of troops to win the battle. The next round of combat will start 10 minutes later.

Calculating troop losses
The troop losses are calculated using the ratio of defensive and attack values of artillery, cavalry and infantry.

Capturing a castle
If all the defender‘s units are defeated, the attacker can capture the castle. To do this, he must pay his troops enough silver. The amount of silver required depends on the number of castles the attacker already owns: 1,000 silver are required per castle. These precious coins can come from different castles belonging to the attacker.
If several players attack a castle and they pay their troops enough silver, the player who has paid the highest ratio of silver paid to silver required takes the castle. If a player pays 2,000 silver and needs 1,000 to capture the castle, he has a ratio of 2. Another player already has 2 castles, so he needs 2,000 silver to capture the castle. If this player sends 3,000 silver, he has the ratio 1.5; in this case the player with the higher ratio will claim the castle.
If several players have the same ratio, the winning player will be chosen at random.