The silver merchant allows you to trade resources for silver automatically.

Castle selection

You can select all castles, no matter whether or not they have enough storage space for silver in the keep. The exchange of resources for silver only happens if there is enough capacity left for the silver though.

Castles can be selected with a simple tap on their cell.

Save castle selection

Any change made in the castle selection must be saved so that the changes can take effect.


The player must set a time during which the silver will be changed automatically. The exchange happens directly without any troop movements, so that you can use the silver gained this way immediately.

Starting the silver merchant 

Hiring the silver merchant costs gold coins. Furthermore, the silver merchant will only be active for a predetermined amount of time and needs to be rehired regularly. The current hire period is 7 daysIt is possible to constantly rehire the silver merchant so that the timeframe can be steadily increased.