We have added a few improvements to the missions in the last update. Firstly, several simple missions will be merged into a single new mission at a certain level of a tavern in order to improve the game’s performance. Secondly, we have removed the unit loss of some missions, so that the full spectrum of missions can be more easily used.

Which missions are affected by the merger?

A grand total of 9 missions will be merged into three new ones. You will find an overview of the affected missions below:

  • Overtime wood
  • Overtime stone
  • Overtime ore
  • Merged from level 4 onwards into: Mandatory overtime

  • Hunting
  • Chop wood
  • Help stone cutters
  • Merged from level 6 onwards into: Forging tools

  • Market day
  • Feed miners
  • Hire stone cutters
  • Merged from level 8 onwards into: Create a trading post

What changes with the new missions?

Some new missions aren’t simply a merger of the old ones, but actually an improvement upon them. The required units and resources have been reduced to increase the resources gained.

In which missions will I no longer lose units?

The unit losses have been removed from ALL missions in which there were any:

  • collect taxes
  • chase bandits away
  • jousting

With the removal of the unit losses, all missions can now be completed without needing to recruit further units afterwards.