The "relocate castle" feature allows a player to exchange the position of his own castle with that of any free castle on the map. This allows both alliances and friends to gather in certain regions of the map, which will then facilitate working together.

Using the feature

The feature can now be used repeatedly and is just limited by a cool-down of 3 days after each activation. Furthermore, the use of this feature will cost a small amount of gold coins.
In order to switch the position of one of your own castles with the position of a free castle, you have to select the chosen free castle on the map. You will find the “exchange castle position” button beneath the “highlight castle” button. 

Units stationed in the relocated castle

Any foreign supporting troops stationed in the castle that is being relocated will be taken to the new position and will thus remain with the castle.

Attacking units

The position cannot be swapped if there are attacking units present in either the free castle or player castle. It can also not be swapped if there are attacking transits on the way to the player's castle or going out from it. The position can be changed as soon as the battle has stopped, provided that the free castle has not been conquered.


  • All transits that are on the way to the free castle will be turned around once the exchange has happened. This means that it is possible to exchange the positions while transits are on their way.
  • All transits that are on the way to the player’s castle will be teleported back. 
  • All outgoing transits will be aborted and teleported back to the player’s castle