Taking part in the alliance help program gives your alliance a unique opportunity to help you recover from heavy habitat losses. As long as you participate in the program, all of your alliance members can help you by upgrading your buildings or executing your researches, without you having to pay their resource costs. You should join this program as soon as you lose several or all your habitats. The countdown for the program duration starts with the display of the “participation" popup. The program ends after a few days or after the maximum number of help points has been reached. The alliance help view can be opened via the forum and presents all participants.

Participating in the alliance help program

You can join the program as soon as you have lost several or all your habitats in a short time period. Use the “join” button in the “participation” popup or in the alliance help view in the forum. As soon as you join the program, you will be added to the list of participants and all members will be able to start helping you. If you join the program without being a part of an alliance, you will join the participants list as soon as you become a part of an alliance 
(provided that your program has not finished yet).

Please note: With version 6.16.0, you can only join the alliance help program if you’re losing habitats to players that are NOT part of your alliance. If players of your own alliance conquer your habitats, you will not be incorporated in the alliance help. This restriction is to limit the abuse of the function.


Every time after the end of your alliance help program a cooldown starts. This cooldown not allows you to join the program again, even if you have lost enough habitats. 

Participants list and sorting

You can see all participants in the alliance help view. These can be sorted according to different categories.

Helping an alliance member

To help a participant you must be a member of their alliance and have reached a certain minimum habitat points amount. You cannot use the feature to help yourself. There are 2 ways to help a player with rebuilding their habitats. Both options complete a building upgrade or execute a research in the weakest habitat that is not fully upgraded yet. Currently ongoing building upgrades and researches will be completed first.

1. Free Help

This function is completely free and requires only the necessary amount of subjects for the expansions (as well as a habitat that is not fully developed yet). All participants will be helped directly through the use of the “Free Help”. The function has a cooldown that applies to the entire alliance. This means that only one member of the alliance can use the function at any given time, before the feature becomes available again. 

2. Premium Help

This function requires gold coins. The costs for the respective expansion or research depend on the current amount of the points of the habitat being helped. This feature has a player specific cooldown per participant, meaning that each player can help multiple participants. This function does not feature a cooldown allowing the members to help quickly and frequently.