"Invite friends” feature allows you to invite your friends via Facebook, Mail, Skype, Whatsapp, Kakao, etc. and create a powerful empire together.

How does “Invite friends” work?

Your friends receive an invite-link using the selected messenger app, that leads them directly to the app-store. Following the download and launch of the game, they will be automatically forwarded to your world. You can now easily play on the same game world with your friends and create a powerful alliance together.

What happens if my friends already own the app?

When your friends already own the app, clicking on the invite-link will open the app and immediately forward them to your game world.

Rewards (specific worlds)

If your invitation gets accepted and you both play on the same world, you receive a reward via your event list. You also receive rewards for the progression of your invited friend: Every time they reach a certain amount of points or own a certain amount of habitats, you get a reward in your event list.
Players that accepted your invitation will be listed as your friends and marked with a special icon. The only possibility to become a friend of a user is to get invited or to invite somebody.
You get rewards for every friend you invite, no matter how many. The invited friend does not receive any rewards.