What is the viking event?
The viking event is a time limited event. The new units can only be recruited for a short period of time. The event is spread out over the course of a few weeks where you can recruit the new units again and again.

How many new units are there?
There are three new units. However, at the start of the event, it will not be possible to recruit all three new unit types at the same time.

What happens to the new units after the event?
Newly recruited units will remain in your castles after the event. All of the units found in the recruitment queues will also be available upon recruitment.

Why should I recruit the new units?
The new units are especially powerful in the offense, capable of dealing enormous amounts of damage during conquests.
Special battle property: Using 99 viking units of the correct category in a particular battle scenario, it is possible to kill even over 150 enemy units! If you have enough information about the defender’s formation to execute this correctly, you could be in a position to break support bridges.

Support bridge: Selecting the unit amount to be considered as a safe round
As a defender, you now have the possibility to make your support bridge consider a custom amount of units for the displaying of safe rounds. To do so you only need to go into settings via the button in the top right corner of the screen in the support bridge view. The value that you select will adapt the rounds of the support bridge to be marked green or red. The value you select serves solely this purpose and does NOT change the battle system. The multiple battle rounds condition is still at least 100 units on each side (normal worlds). If you change the value to 150 units, the battle round will be marked red as long as you will not have 150 units at the time of it beginning. This does not mean that you will not survive the battle round.