An attacker needs silver to conquer an enemy or free village. The amount of silver depends on the number of settlements that the attacker has: 1000 silver per village is needed. If the attacker has one village, he needs 1000 silver to conquer a second village. Conquering a third village requires 2000 silver and so on.

The player also needs a druid. Only a druid possesses the power to manipulate good will from the enemy subjects. A druid cannot be sent if the player has not got enough silver for the conquest and only normal attacks are available. As soon as attacking troops, accompanied by a druid, win a battle, it is checked to see if the attacking player has enough silver to conquer the village. If he is successful, the druid remains behind to help rule the new village and is no longer available. If the player doesn’t have enough silver to conquer the village, the druid will return with the attacking troops.