An attack is carried out using the selected warriors. The speed of all the selected warriors is determined by the slowest unit included.
The defender will know which village will be attacked from reports and the troop overview. However, he will not have any details on the attack force itself.

The battle is calculated as soon as the attacking troops arrive and an overview of its success or failure is immediately displayed. This includes details such as survivors and losses.Until the arrival of the attacking force, the defender can request support, recruit warriors, and even launch his own attacks.

Calculating Troop Losses 
Troop losses are calculated based on the ratios of the three defensive values and one attack value of the artillery, cavalry, and infantry units. It is important to remember that the defensive value and palisade bonus increase with upgrades. Plus, runes and artifacts can also increase warriors’ defensive or attack strengths.

Plundering a Village 
If the attacker defeats all of the defending troops, the village’s resources are awarded to the attacker. However, the player can only take as much as the transport capacity of his troops allows.
Free villages are not owned by players. Their defense consists solely of a level 1 palisade.It is therefore easy for players to farm these villages.