Artifacts are ancestral relics. Their magical powers can induce unrivaled prosperity, diligent subjects and more powerful warriors. To earn one of these dearly sought after artifacts, you need to complete the “daily missions” in the tavern. With a little luck, you will find one of the most precious relics.
Once you have a powerful artifact in your possession, you can insert it by selecting a socket place. The effect obtained from this artifact can be seen in the underlying cell "Magical effect per village".

Warning:The overall power of the artifacts will be equally divided by the number of your current villages. The list below the Shrine includes all the powers deriving from the currently active artifacts.

Artifacts’ powers
The magical artifacts possess different powers. This is reflected in the relics’ appearance as well as their rarity. A wooden “Sword of Teutates” is therefore more common and weaker than its golden representation. Plus, artifacts hold their magic powers for a certain period only. Once an artifact is discovered, it slowly loses its power. When an artifact's effectiveness has run out, it will disappear from your list of artifacts.

When you own multiple artifacts of the same type, you can combine them into a pattern. A pattern causes one additional magic bonus, which is added to the artifacts. Patterns are marked by a green glow and displayed in an additional cell at the bottom of artifact list.