With the help of the arrival time calculator, you can display all of your own villages that will be able to reach a village selected from the map at a given arrival time or within a given transport duration. Choose both the unit type and the arrival time to filter for the best villages. You can find the arrival time calculator among the possible actions of the map view of a village.

Choosing the arrival time / transport duration

You can choose the arrival time or transport duration by taping the appropriate cell. The maximum arrival time can be three days in the future, while the maximum transport duration cannot exceed 72 hours.

Changing settings

Within the settings, you can choose with which type of action you wish to interact with the villages selected on the map and which unit type you wish to take into account for the calculation.

Selecting the action

Selecting an action in the settings allows you to directly perform the chosen action after filtering the villages. This allows you to send out attacking units, supporting units or resources very quickly.

Unit selection

The unit selection is meant to narrow down the villages shown. The selected unit type must be available in the village so that you can perform the selected action. This allows you to easily select different unit types for different actions.

Castle listing

All of your own villages will be listed. The following sorting criteria will make the list easier to read:

  • Villages will be listed from the earliest to the latest arrival time (or the shortest to the longest transport duration), under the assumption that the chosen troop movement starts this very moment.
  • The village that can most closely match the set time will be shown in green.
  • Villages that have their time shown in red do not have any of the chosen units. The displayed time is the arrival time or transport duration that they would have, provided that they had the chosen unit.
  • Villages that have been faded out are too far away and cannot reach the selected castle.

Executing the action

All you have to do to execute the selected action,  is tap the appropriate village in the list. This tap will open the regular action screen. The village selected from the list has already been set as the starting village so that you can start the transit immediately.

By hitting the back button, you can simply select the next village in the list to send further transits.