Protective shield 

The protective shield provides players with a short respite and protects them from both attacks and spying during its duration.

Activating the protective shield and duration

The protective shield can be activated by hitting the “activate the protective shield” button in the profile tab. The protective shield will activate immediately, but it can only be activated under the following circumstances

  • no player is currently attacking any of your villages 
  • you are currently not attacking any other player
  • you have not started the vacation mode
  • you are not protected by the beginner protection

The protection will last for 24 hours, after which the shield will end automatically. To avoid abuse, it will only be possible to activate the protective shield two weeks after the last time it has last been activated.

The first activation of the protective shield will be free. After that, the player will be able to activate the protective shield for a small amount of magic potions.

Differences to the vacation mode

A player who has activated the protective shield can still take part in the game. Attacking or spying on enemy or free villages will not be possible though. Furthermore, you cannot be supported by other players during this time, so that you would gain an advantage in the next battle.The player under protection cannot send any support units either. The time gained can be used to improve villages or stock up on units.