We have improved the missions in the last update. Several simple missions will be merged into a single new mission at a certain level of a tavern in order to improve the game’s performance. 

Which missions are affected by the merger?

A grand total of 11 missions will be merged into 3 new ones. You will find an overview of the affected missions below:

  • Cut trees
  • Mine clay
  • Mine ore
  • Sacrifice for Abona
  • Hunt wild boars
  • Merged from level 5 onwards into: Hold a feast

  • Cure sick mine workers
  • Escort druids
  • Hold a village feast
  • Merged from level 7 onwards into: Raise your monument

  • Steal a horse
  • Gather mistletoes
  • Celtic ham
  • Merged from level 9 onwards into: Brew a magic potion

What changes with the new missions?

Some new missions aren’t simply a merger of the old ones, but actually an improvement upon them. The required units and resources have been reduced to increase the resources gained.