These are the most important tips for a good start into the game, which you might recognize from the tutorial:

Upgrade your village buildings!

A well developed village is a powerful village. You should therefore upgrade your village quickly. Production and storage buildings are the most important structures to expand early in the game. The farm is  comparably crucial too as it enables the upkeep of units and higher building upgrades.

Recruit fighters for battle! 

Recruit many warriors and be ready to attack and defend. Your kingdom will prevail or fall through the strength of your fighters so research and recruit new warriors.

Plunder free villages for resources!

There are many ways to obtain resources and looting free villages is very effective early in the game. The best formation to raid free villages is: 1 slinger and 1 handcart. Those are enough to successfully complete the battle and transport the plundered resources.  

Complete tasks to strengthen the village!

Stick to the tasks that are displayed upon receipt one by one. This will yield many rewards that you can directly use to expand your village.

Use potions for fast development!

Through the use of magic potions, you can speed up and finish many game actions (such as the upgrade of buildings and recruitment of units). This can give you a significant advantage over your opponents.