Support Bridge

A support bridge (also known as a defense bridge) is a group of supporting transits that arrive in regular intervals at a besieged base over a stretch of time and ensure that enough defenders are present at the start of each battle round in order to make that there is another battle round, so that the base can not be conquered.

This feature will facilitate the creation of support bridges. You can check the overview to see how long the defenders will hold out and whether your support bridge has been properly created. You can see the upcoming battle rounds in a color scheme. Hit the publish button and share the bridge link with other players so they can help you in the creation of the support bridge.

Color scheme

- Battle rounds marked in green signify that you will have enough units stationed in the base at the beginning of this round to carry the battle into the next round.

- Battle rounds marked in red signify that you will NOT have enough units stationed in the base at the beginning of this round, so that the enemy will emerge victorious.

- Battle rounds marked in yellow signify that a player with whom you have shared the link has marked that he will send enough units for the start of this battle round to extend the bridge.

You can change the colors manually by tapping. By hitting the “save changes” button, you can make these changes visible for everyone who has access to the link.

Automatic Calculation

You can automatically calculate whether the support bridge will work with the help of the “calculate transits” button (taking into account all units already stationed here, as well as those in transit). After calculating the transits, you must hit the “save changes” button so that your allies can see the current state of the support bridge.

Selecting transits

You can select which transits will be taken into account with the automatic calculation via the settings button in the top right corner (the selection is via diplomacy status).

Beware: The units that are currently being recruited will not be taken into account.