The unit limit allows a player to set the maximum amount of a unit type that he wants to have in a base. This facilitates precise recruitment of units up to the set limit.

Setting the unit limit

The player can change the maximum amount for each unit type per base with the help of slider. By hitting the "save unit limit” button the set amount of units is saved.

Selecting bases

All bases in which the chosen unit can be recruited are selected with the help of this button. By hitting it again, they are deselected.

Recruiting units

The player can now recruit the amount of units that is still missing before the limit is reached in the selected bases. No further units are added to the queue should there already be enough units of the chosen type in the base, even if there would be enough resources and subjects to do so.

The limit prevents the recruitment of more units than wanted in the chosen base.

Which units are taken into account?

The unit limit is set globally for all selected bases. The following units are taken into account:

  • All stationed units of that unit types of the chosen bases.
  • All ongoing recruitments of that unit type in the chosen bases.
  • All units of that unit type belonging to the chosen bases that are currently stationed elsewhere.
  • All ongoing troop movements of the chosen bases which the chosen units are part of.