Clan help
Becoming a participant in the clan help program gives your alliance a unique opportunity to help you recover from any recent losses. While in the program, all of your allies can upgrade your buildings and research your knowledges without you having to spend any resources. You become eligible for the program once you suffer big losses in a short time frame or lose all of your bases. You can find a list of all the players under the clan help feature in the clan tab. The program ends after some days or if the maximum possible amount of help points (help points displaying how often a player receives help) has been reached.
The duration of the program begins with the displaying of the acceptance popup.

Joining the program
You can join the program once you lose all of your bases or multiple bases over a short period of time. Use the “Join clan help” button located under clan help view in the clan tab. Once you do so, you will be listed as a participant and the entire clan will be able to help you rebuilding your bases. If players who are not yet in any clan accept their participation in clan help program, they will automatically join the program upon joining an clan.

Clan help participants list and sorting
Accessible via clan help cell in the clan tab, it is a list of all players who have joined the program along with their participations’ end date. The allies who are in the program for the longest, are displayed at the top of the list by default. The list can also be displayed sorted by help points, player names or alliance rights, by tapping on the respective tabs at the top of the list view.

Helping your allies 
To be able to help a player using clan help, you need to be a member of the same clan and have reached at least some points. The person you want to help needs to be currently participating in the clan help program. You cannot use clan help to help yourself. 
There are two ways in which the clan can assist the player in rebuilding his empire. Both of these options upgrade a building or research a knowledge in the best developed base of the participant. Ongoing building upgrades and researches will be completed first.
1) Free help

  • This option is completely free, requiring only the subjects space in the base where the upgrade takes place. No other resources are consumed on participant or helper side. This button has an alliance wide cool-down for each participant. 

2) Help your alliance

  • This option requires the helper to use water canister and its cost is dependent on the points of the base that will be upgraded. This button has an individual cool-down for each helper and participant, making it possible for one person to help multiple clan members simultaneously.